Instructions on how to run Dual PC mode using just 1 Windows 7 PC

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How to run Dual PC mode using only 1 PC.

Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate contains what’s called XP Mode. It’s a virtual PC of Windows
XP running inside Windows 7.

To make it work, the user needs to configure the networking properties properly.


1. Connect the computer with one of the available networks on your computer. For this instance,

we will use LAN so one can turn off the WLAN (Wireless LAN).

2. Run XP Mode

This is what Windows XP Mode looks like.

3. Within Windows XP Mode, connect to the network by selecting Tools / Settings…

You will see the Windows Virtual PC Settings

4.Select Networking / then select the same Network Adapter used in Windows 7.

In our case, in Windows 7, we used Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller so in Windows XP Mode,

we have to select the same.

Click OK

Wait until the network is connected.

5. In Windows XP, open Capture Slave. Note the IP number shown in the Capture Slave

window. We will use that IP number to connect between Master (BookDrive Capture) and Slave

(Capture Slave)

6. Back to Windows 7, open BookDrive Capture

7. Go to menu. Select Setting / Slave Connection

8. Enter that IP number that you got from Capture Slave in the box and hit OK.

9. Now it’s time to connect the cameras. Make sure both cameras remain off while the USB cables

are plugged to the appropriate PC port. (Right camera connected to the Master PC and Left

camera connected to the Slave PC). First turn on the right camera. Wait until it is connected to

the Master PC on BookDrive Capture. Then, turn on the left camera.

10. Back to Windows XP window, go to Menu. Select USB and click on the camera on the bottom

of the list. (The camera that is turned on the last will stay at the bottom of the list).

Window XP Mode will be able to detect the camera and connect to it.

11. In Capture Slave, the program will now display the name of the connected camera.

You can do quick testing of the connection by Right Click on the Capture Slave program and select

Capture. If the camera is properly connected, the program will order the left camera to shoot.

12. Back to BookDrive Capture, click this button for Master PC to connect with the Slave PC. If the icon changes from to , that means the Dual PC set up’s successful and now ready.

13. You can do a scanning test by hit “+” on the keypad.

Download PDF File Version

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