New Book Scanner From Atiz Featured at AIIMExpo 2009

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Simple Scanning Solution Enables Digitization and Management of Bound Content — Quickly and Affordably.

Atiz Innovation, Inc., the leader in content digitization, will unveil its latest book scanning solution, BookDrive Pro, this week at the AIIMExpo and Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Designed to address the growing movement to digitize bound content and books, BookDrive Pro’s affordable price point lowers the barrier of entry for many of those tasked with digitizing bound content.
From service bureaus, deed registries and archivists to enterprise data managers and government entities, the need for a solution to help manage the ever growing volume of bound content is reaching a critical mass. Enter Atiz — whose products have scanned more than 2 million books worldwide. Atiz’s book scanners help those tasked with digitizing bound content get the job done at a price point that they can afford.

Priced more competitively than other book scanners, BookDrive Pro is a powerful, cost-effective book digitization solution. By combining digital SLR cameras with a unique v-shaped book cradle, BookDrive Pro is gentle on books and eliminates curvature problems to produce high-resolution scans at up to 700 pages an hour. BookDrive Pro features a user-friendly, ergonomic design; automatic center positioning to ensure consistent borders and lessen manual intervention; a double security locking mechanism; distortion-eliminating even light distribution and standard auto capture to simplify the whole process.

Additionally, BookDrive Pro has the ability to scan oversized books — up to A2, newspaper size — and heavy, cumbersome items such as deed registries.
“Everybody has bound content that needs to be scanned,” noted Nick Warnock, president of Atiz. “With BookDrive Pro, Atiz gives organizations the option of bringing digitization projects in house, allowing them to choose what is scanned as well as control the sometimes sensitive content — all while saving money by not having to outsource these projects.”

Atiz’s innovative approach utilizes high performance SLR cameras as capture devices, making BookDrive Pro the best value proposition in the industry, as it will never become obsolete. “When new, improved camera models become available, users need only to replace their cameras — not the entire scanning system as is the case with other offerings,” explained Warnock.

In addition to book spine damage and low productivity, conventional or overhead scanners also produce curved page images and rely on software to correct resultant curvature problems. This approach has proven to produce poor, often unreliable results. Atiz has taken a different approach, and BookDrive Pro eliminates the need for page curvature correction, making it faster and less expensive than other offerings. The combination of a v-shaped book cradle and transparent platen which sets the book in an angled position for scanning by high-speed, high resolution digital SLR cameras is a unique design that guarantees sharp, flat-looking pages in every scan.

Included with BookDrive Pro is Atiz’s proprietary software package: BookDrive Capture and BookDrive Editor Pro. BookDrive Capture allows for the simultaneous capturing of images. The software supports SLR cameras manufactured by Canon. BookDrive Editor Pro allows for image editing functions such as the ability to batch crop, deskew, despeckle, color adjustment, TIFF conversion, and the output of eBooks in PDF format.

Concurrent with the launch of BookDrive Pro, Atiz is offering optional installation and consulting services to assist in digitization initiatives and ensure smooth integration.

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