BookDrive Capture 3 : Coming Soon.

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Dear Atiz Customer,


BookDrive Capture 3 will be a major upgrade over the previous version 2.
It will feature so many great new features.


We now have an interim version of Version 3 for you to try but the final release that includes all the featured is scheduled to be available on October 30.


New features in BookDrive Capture 3
1. Dual PC mode for simultaneous shooting. This Dual PC mode should help boost the productivity from a max capture speed of around 500-600 pages/hr to somewhere around 900 pages/hr.


2. RAW support. Many professional end users demand that the images have to be as good as possible and they should never go through a lossy file format like JPEG. Well, this RAW support means that you can now offer a complete lossless image workflow to those demanding customers.

3. Camera settings can now be changed in the main screen of the software. Previously, you have to either go to change the camera settings at the cameras themselves or change using a separate dialog in Capture 2. Now, you can change those settings right in the main screen. Just click on things u want to change (speed shutter or whatever) and then use UP/DOWN cursors to change the value to what u want. It is much easier.

4. Live View now works for those cameras that have Live View features. This means that the SLRs cameras now finally get rid of one of its disadvantage – the inability to preview what you will get from a shot. Now with Live View, u know what you’re going to get so u can position the cameras much more easily and quickly.

5. Ability to resume on recent books. Now you can continue on unfinished projects right where you left off.

6. Thumbnails on the left side of the screen and Easy Replace and Easy Insert features. Previously, if you’d skipped a page or you want to replace bad shots, it’s really difficult. Now with the UI change, you can insert a skipped page or replace a bad shot very easily. All the file names and everything will be corrected and arranged automatically in a visual thumbnail interface (think of our BookSnap software but with improved design).

7. Metadata (aka. Tags) kept in XML that is compliant to what other large digitization efforts are doing. XML files will be created automatically. If users don’t want to use this feature, that’s fine. But if they want to use it, it’s there. It will be helpful for large digitization projects when they want to search, index and discover the files better.

Features 1-4 are now already available in the interim version.
Features 5-7 are still in the work. The final version is scheduled to come available on October 30.

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