New BookDrive Capture 4 Beta with new functionality such Instant crop, Instant rotate now available. Download here.

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BookDrive Capture 4 Beta release.

Version history:

-  New Start Up User Interface

  • Scan a new book

    Instant rotate functionality is now available in Capture.

    so users will now have rotate and crop all done and the images are ready to use within Capture.

  • Easier to continue recent books

    Redesigned interface to make it easier for the users.

  • Instant rotate setting
  • Metadata

- Instant rotate actual files

- Magnifying area

  • The magnifying area is now resizable and can be repositioned anywhere.

    Magnifying area can be repositioned anywhere (so that it doesn’t block your view) and resized smaller and larger to match user preference and screen size.

- New darker theme

Thumbnail column in the left is painted dark gray to accentuate the scanned images.

- New “Auto crop” mode for use with the Auto Capture Switch.

You will see the switch to select between “Manual Crop” or “Auto Crop” mode. Auto crop is as the name specified, the program auto crops every page where the red marker is set. You will end up with ready-to-use files. Gone is the extra unused black space.

For BookDrive Pro customers, or customers with Auto Capture Switch, we recommend you turn on the “Auto Crop” mode.

- Added support for Canon EOS 60D

- Simpler action menu

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