Testimonial from a student at UC Berkeley

October 14, 2008 on 9:54 am | In General | No Comments

I am a student at UC Berkeley.

I have been scanning the hell out of books, notes, and campus event flyers easily. I scan ALL my books and load them onto my watch, eliminating the need to carry 40lbs of books on my back, its great! Now I laugh at other students who lug around books; I also thank my book scanner everyday for all the chiropractor bills I will save on in the future, because I currently don’t affect my posture or health with a heavy back pack. I know i am the only one on campus doing full digital scanning of my books. I can see the value in this technology and I have randomly asked students how they feel about losing their books and not carrying 40 lbs daily; and remember that’s 40 on an easy day off to the library! I can scan 500 pages an hour on average. I scan much more than books, including ALL of my paperwork, bills, pictures, forms, business paperwork, private docs, etc. etc etc. I am barely using all of the features that the software package offers, however I love it. I have always dreamed of using a faster scanner, other than my now excruciatingly slow flatbed. I can’t wait to see what products ATIZ will come up with next.

David A.
University of California, Berkeley

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